Long Ago in a Magic Kingdom Far, Far Away . . .

AS A KID I OFTEN WONDERED what Star Wars: Episode 7 would be like.  I had an idea in my mind, of course, as to how the movie should go.  I’m pretty sure that my idea would’ve ruined it, which is why I’d rather not admit to it.  Still, the recent acquisition of LucasFilm and its many parts by Disney has gotten me to thinking once again.  The same can be said for every fanboy out there: some in excitement, some in terror, all realizing that it would be difficult to do worse than Lucas’s prequels.

The folks at Comics Should Be Good occasionally do “mash-ups” of things as the pop culture moment allows.  Thursday they posted a page full of pics bringing Star Wars and Disney together.  Here’s one by artist Brendan Tobin:

You can check out the rest of the mash-ups here.  And yes, there is one with Disney princesses and Jabba the Hut.  You’ve been warned.

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One Response to Long Ago in a Magic Kingdom Far, Far Away . . .

  1. scrivener says:

    Cool concept. But darn it: Floyd is a lefty, which they get wrong in that Electric Mayhem drawing. The artist bothered to get Janice’s left-handed correct, but Floyd is shown playing a left-handed bass in the right-handed style. Incorrect.

    That animated Star Wars intro is terrific.

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