The JSA and Invasion!

We’re less than a week away from the return of The Flash on the CW (along with Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and a relocated Supergirl).  We’ve already seen trailers and posters for most of the shows.  We’re also getting closer to seeing bigger hints of what to expect over the course of the season (one of the joins of serialized storytelling).

I’ve got real hope for Legends of Tomorrow this season.  The freshman season of the show never really caught on for me (a little but acting, a little bit storytelling).  The character and name-drop at the end of the season, though, was enough me to look forward to the fall.  I’ve been a fan of the Justice Society of America for a good while now, so the introduction of Hourman and the promise of the JSA have been real carrots for the season. Here’s the first image of the team, which will premiere in the second episode of Legends (airing October 20th).

The Justice Society of America

Not sold on Obsidian’s costume, but we’ll see how it plays out on-air.

invasionWe’ve also found out who the “big bad” for the four-show crossover is going to be this season.  It’s a nice balance for me, really, as Flashpoint (the kick-off story for this season of The Flash) is one of my least-favorite Flash stories.  At some point this fall, we’ll get to see the Dominator race show up.  Their most known for being the antagonists back in the 1980s DC Comics crossover called Invasion!  It’s nice to see the shows digging a littler deeper into comic book lore.  It’s risky, but I think it’s good.

I’m still curious to see how they get Supergirl into the mix, since she’s basically in another universe at this point.  I’m also hopeful that the show will feel a bit more like The Flash (which is also supposedly true for Legends, based on early reviews of the first episode).

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