Up, Up, and Away?

I just caught last night’s season premiere of Supergirl on the CW.  I had watched a couple of episodes prior to last night’s season two beginning, but I never found it compelling enough to follow.  If Arrow was too dark and The Flash was just right, Supergirl was always just a bit too light.  So I was pretty curious to see how things would change when the show moved from CBS to the CW.

The most obvious shift in the show is the introduction of Superman, a character that was only mentioned and seen in shadow in season one.

Beyond that, other characters have been shifted around, in vocation on the show or in status as a cast member.  Two particular characters were brought into the story with strong comic book/mythology connections.  The first was Lena Luthor, adopted sister of Lex.  She’s on a quest to clean up her family’s name.  The other new character hasn’t’t been named yet, at least not in the show (though it’s been stated the he is a character known as Mon-el).

So: are these three new elements enough to get this viewer’s investment?  Maybe.  For a few more episodes, at least.

Here’s the “extended” trailer for next week’s episode, which picks up on a story thread introduced in the premiere.  Nothing about Luthor or Mon-el, but maybe from each character will sneak in.

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