Crossover Culture

One of the sources of frustration for fans of comic books is the concept of the crossover, that one storyline could “take over” separate-but-connected series for a given period of time.  Such a story can be cool because characters get to interact in a way that is somewhat rare.  The frustrating thing is the many on-going stories get side-tracked.  Which makes the possibilities of the CW’s superhero crossover this week intriguing.  Here’s a scene from this week’s episode of The Flash:

The episode did a great job of maintaining the tension of recent episodes of The Flash while also acknowledging plot points from Arrow and Legends.  Well-handled!  At the same time, the Invasion! storyline moved along at a solid pace, with lots of team-up tropes handled well.

The trailer for Wednesday night’s Arrow throws another curveball into the story.  Looks like we’re going to get an alternate reality-type moment, which makes sense as the show’s 100th episode but might be a little too specific for the middle chapter of a crossover.

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