Saved by Geeks?

For a show I haven’t watched much, I quite enjoyed the 100th episode of Arrow on the CW. I have watched the entirety of the current season, mostly as a way of prepping for this week’s super-hero crossover extravaganza.  And even though it was the middle chapter of the Invasion! storyline, I felt it blended series and saga together well.

Basic premise: the Dominators (introduced in the Flash chapter) have kidnapped five heroes (all having had significant roles to play on Arrow).  In this episode, these five heroes engage a shared dream, something used by the Dominators to gain knowledge and understanding.  Slowly it dawns on each character that something is off, which is particularly difficult because everything is going so well.  They realize these things via contact (a la LOST‘s final season) and memories inspired by said contact.  A nice way to make nods to the past while tying in to the “main event.”

The episode also featured guest star moments from other key characters (particularly The Flash and Supergirl), but mostly as a way of interacting the the rest of Arrow’s cast.  While it may not have moved the story forward much, it did make for some interesting interactions.

Here’s the trailer for tomorrow night’s finale with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.  They have a lot of ground to cover (unless the Dominators really aren’t all that powerful).  It would be interesting to see this scenario play out a little longer.

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