Your End of the Rotting Apple

This recent WuMo deserves some contemplation and reflection, I think.  Particularly as we wrap up the week and start into a three-day weekend.

Wumo - wm170212comb_ts.tifIt’s been a decent week.  A little warm for this time of year, even by Honolulu standards.  My classes have been focused on testing and presentation prep.  I got to lead one interesting discussion at one meeting and asked a lot of questions in another.  Working with adults can be so different than working with high schoolers. I have a stack of things to grade to get back at some point next week.  Right now, I’m hoping to grab a good burger for dinner.

+ + + + + + +

This morning I ordered a calendar of the church year.  Two reasons for it.  First, quality wall-posters were hard to come by this year.  Couldn’t find any comic-based calendars (last year was WuMo).  I have a “maps of Middle Earth” calendar, but it’s kind of dark and not as visually appealing as it should be.  Second, because I’m trying to find good ways to remind myself that I should be thinking and living differently.  That’s something else that my conversations and classes this week have reminded me.

+ + + + + + +

It was a light TV week.  Well, Tuesday evening was lighter than usual without fresh episodes on the CW.  I tried to give The Great Indoors another shot last night, but it was too cringe-inducing.  I’m still watching Riverdale, which is something I need to write about soon.  It’s a mixed bag.  But more on that sometime soon.

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