Return of the Golden Age?

For the last few months, the folks at DC Comics have been building a story while unveiling a mystery.  After four years of continuity-gutted stories, the company decided to try and bring its 75 years of history back together.  As always, a Flash character (or two) stands at the center of the mystery.  A few months ago, that meant the return of the (literally) forgotten Wally West.  Now, as the “Rebirth” story moves towards its first anniversary mark, the Golden Age Flash (Jay Garrick) seems set to return.

flash-22-cover-jay-garrickThis character is no stranger to those who follow The Flash on the CW, though that character is tv-different.  In comics history, Garrick was the first person to bear the name of “the Flash” and fought during the second World War.  On the show, Garrick hails from another dimension entirely.  Even still, the sight of the classic costume and the Mercury/Hermes helmet is a sight for some eyes and is hopefully a sign that the folks at DC know what they’re doing.

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