Flash of Two Genres

Today seemed to be the day that advertising for DC’s Justice League movie preemptively kicked into high gear, with three characters getting “posters” and short clips before this Saturday’s full trailer release.  Here’s the 15-seconds for the cinematic Flash, played by Ezra Miller.

The clip, of course, says nothing.  But the visuals are cool . . . particularly if you are eagle-eyed enough to notice that cinematic Barry Allen is running through the park Superman was memorialized in during BvS: Dawn of Justice.

Ezra Miller isn’t the only Barry Allen out there, though.  We’re now three seasons into a television version of the same character, played by Grant Gustin.  Two nights ago, the show did its first (and hopefully only) “musical episode (it was no “Once More, With Feeling”).  Next week, we get the introduction of Abra Kadabra, magician from the far future.

I’m still convinced that there’s some kind of connection with H.R., who even a few episodes made a comment about having a magician friend.  I suppose we’ll find out next Tuesday.

It will be interesting to see how these Flashes of two genres stack up.  In terms of live-action storytelling, this is rare.  Makes you wonder who would win in a footrace.

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