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Good Luck with the World, Charlie Brown

Good old Charlie Brown is finding himself in an interesting predicament in this week’s classic Peanuts strip.  Here’s how it starts: Poor Chuck.  I think a lot of us have been in those (flat brown) shoes before.  He loves baseball, … Continue reading

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Work and Rest, Toil and Leisure

Once you get past the prolegomena of The Tech-Wise Family (which I mentioned here), Andy Crouch walks readers through ten “commitments” classified in three groups: key decisions, daily life, and what matters most.  The first section, of key decisions, picks … Continue reading

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Life by the Right Rule

Perhaps the most wonderfully frustrating thing about Andy Crouch’s The Tech-Wise Family is its reminder that daily life matters.  It is in the day-in and day-out, Crouch asserts, that something like character is formed. For Crouch, the family is key … Continue reading

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Like Leaving the Piano in Ohio

Douglas Coupland prefaces Bit Rot, his most recent collection of essays and stories, with this: When the pioneers crossed North America from east to west, the first thing to be thrown off the family Conestoga wagon was the piano, somewhere … Continue reading

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Temporary Vocational Stretch

Because of changes and restructuring at work, I’ll be taking a temporary vocational stretch in the fall.  The conversation has been mostly in-house at this point, which is fine by me.  It will require me to work on some of … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: A Rhyme Too Soon

I feel like I’ve been there before.  If only summer had started one minute earlier. Or, perhaps, teachers’ dirty looks know no season. (image from

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The Witness of Running Water

It’s the little things, Calvin, that give you away. We are all “letter of the law” people when it works for us, of course. (image from

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