Charlie Brown and Shakespeare

This week’s classic Peanuts serial features the requisite blend of hope and disappointment that makes Charlie Brown’s life so much like our own.  Earlier in the week, Peppermint Patty asked for Chuck’s help with a baseball game . . . by asking for his glove but not for his help playing.  On his way to the game, he has to defend his act of kindness to both Sally and Lucy.  And then things get Shakespearean:

Chuck's Glove 4“Thibault,” of course, is another spelling for Tybalt, known for his significant role in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  Which definitely informs the next two strips.

Chuck's Glove 5“We need your glove, but we don’t need you.”  Ouch.  And then the kid that gets his glove in the winning game won’t give it back.   “Good grief,” indeed.

Chuck's Glove 6Shakespeare’s Tybalt is known for his temper and possessiveness, which fits this strip perfectly.  The strip is also a perfect example of giving an inch and being taken for a mile.

(classic Peanuts strips from

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