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Spilled Laughter, Angels Dancing

Here’s one last cover of a Rich Mullins song by Andrew Peterson on the occasion of the 20th  anniversary of Rich’s untimely death.  It’s classic Rich with just enough Peterson.  Wonderful imagery with truly driving music.

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Out of the Country, Into the Country

These clips from Edgar Wright’s Hot Fuzz seem appropriate given the trajectory of the next couple of days. Before the country: In the country:

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“Hello, Old Friends”

Last week many remembered the 20th anniversary of Rich Mullins’ death.  A few covers of Rich’s hits have been floating around.  Here’s another cover by Andrew Peterson.  This times its the opener of one of Rich’s best albums: volume 2 … Continue reading

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Returning to Area X for the First Time

One of the most interesting sci-fi-fi reads for me over the last few years was Jeff Vandermeer’s Annihilation.  It’s the first in the “Southern Reach” trilogy, a trio of books released one every six months for a year.  The story … Continue reading

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All Together Now

We’re one week out from the premiere of a new season of super-hero shows on the CW.  Words has already started spreading about this year’s four-show crossover.  Last year we had more of a three-show story (the Supergirl episode was … Continue reading

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Far from the Maze

This past weekend at camp I had a good conversation with a co-worker about the state of movies, particularly those of the dystopian/teenage kind.  I had such high hopes for The Hunger Games, even though I left most of those … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Math Homework

Once again, Caulfield makes a good point.  Today’s Frazz by Jef Mallett: (image from

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Macbeth by way of McDonald’s

Just back from a weekend at camp.  Catching up on a season six episode of 30 Rock led me to this gem, which I had no recollection of when the season originally aired. Fassbender’s Macbeth has nothing on Mayor McCheese.

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Yesterday I posted a recent WuMo Sunday strip that made nods at the role of a technology popular long before our phones and tablets: the book.  Two other recent WuMo strips bring things closer to the present, particularly in how … Continue reading

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Booking Your Attention

It almost feels like the guys behind WuMo have been following Alan Jacobs’s class on living in a digital age.  This recent Sunday strip hits on a point that shows up in the one particular part of his course: a … Continue reading

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