First Day, Last Day, Every Day Panic

It’s kind of fun seeing “back to school” comics while nearing the home stretch for a first quarter end.  Starting school after Labor Day is such a different concept for me.  Regardless, Sally Brown had to go back to school this week.  Lots of screaming ensued.

First Day Part OneThe content of Sally’s first day is a bit of a mystery, but here’s what happens when Chuck tries to debrief with his little sister at the end of the day.

First Day Part TwoThat, of course, is not really how most students I know think about things.  I’m not sure things like “first” and “last” really matter all that much in their world of constant coming and going.

In other news: I really am three weeks out from wrapping up the first quarter.  Three weeks from today I fly out for England and Scotland.  Very excited for the opportunity.

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