The Other Justice League

We’re just a few weeks away from the release of the new Justice League movie from Warner Brothers and DC.  And while I’m excited about the prospects, I’m often reminded of the other Justice League, the one from the late 80s that took a more humorous approach to super-heroics in a world of The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen.  That comic is getting an omnibus edition this month, and here’s the unlettered cover.

JLI MaguireKevin Maguire, the original artist of the series, really outdid himself this time.  And this is a version/extension of the first-issue cover, one of the most iconic group poses from the last thirty years.

Not the League you’ll see on the big screen next month, but the League nonetheless.

The Justice League International Omnibus drops this week at comic shops and bookstores all around the country.

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