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Against the Objective

I finally sat down to watch the documentary about the life and work of Wendell Berry, Look and See.  I’d been putting off for a month, but a five-hour plane ride can inspire you like that. The movie begins with … Continue reading

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To Infinity, But Beyond?

Today was a big day (of sorts) for fans of comic books and movies based on them.  After much speculation (and of footage everyone knew existed because of Comic-Con but that was never released publicly), Marvel finally released a first … Continue reading

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After the Crisis

These last two nights have been good superhero television.  DC’s four-part Crisis on Earth-X event was exponentially better than last year’s Invasion! story.  There was more overall flow with a tighter central narrative.  There were also much higher stakes this … Continue reading

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Faith and Politics

It was a strange thing, reading Smith’s Awaiting the King off and on throughout “Christ the King” Sunday.  Smith is taking his argument about the Christian faith’s political implications much farther than I anticipated, which has made it a good … Continue reading

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Pivot into the New Year

I’m a few minutes from boarding my flight from Vancouver to Honolulu (Air Canada got me on an earlier flight out of Victoria without any prompting on my part, which has been nice). Many churches today are acknowledging today, the … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Frazz Thinks Truth

There’s something extremely right about today’s Frazz strip. (Image from

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Comics and Books

Saw a bit of a theme in a couple of recent classic comic strips. We’ll start with this recent Peanuts strip: I can imagine a friend or two of my own saying something similar (sans kiss). Just glad to see … Continue reading

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