Work and the Good

Yesterday I had the privilege of talking myself into a corner in chapel. The topic was “Why Rest.” That topic is often on my mind because of the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. I talked myself into a corner because I realized, once again, the thread that runs through the Biblical Story concerning work and rest. In the process I revisited some Andy Crouch (particularly on toil and sleep) and dabbled in some thinking about the Sabbath from Abraham Joshua Heschel (which didn’t make it into the talk but is still swimming in my head).

The thing was, I was speaking to a room full of people (myself included) in need of rest. The question, of course, is how do we get there (and do we know what we are actually in need of). And what does it look like to live both out of and into that rest.

This past Sunday’s Peanuts strip has stuck in my mind all week. It’s Snoopy doing his imagination thing. But he does it in a way that brings a dignity to the craft of working the check-out counter. I like the confidence of the character here and the unspoken but obvious sense that the work being done is good.

img_0617(image from

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