Peppermint Patty and Affirmation

This past week at camp, we encouraged our senior class to get into the habit of encouraging one another (“all the more as you see graduation day approaching”).  Which is something that this recent (classic) Peanuts strip gets right in a way that really helps the work of Charles Schulz maintain its timeless status.

Peppermint PattyAfter a morning of meetings and an early afternoon of finishing paperwork, I’m hitting the friendly skies for a quick weekend retreat.  I’m keeping it simple: small stash of close, only smaller books, iPad, notebooks.  This semester has been a crazy one, and I’d like to have my head in the game as it draws to a close.  It’s a bit of a risk, stepping out of the routine like this.  But I need to get some perspective on that routine, and a long weekend like this one (paired with a cheap flight and inexpensive accommodations) is a great time for it.

(image from

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