To Infinity, But Beyond?

Today was a big day (of sorts) for fans of comic books and movies based on them.  After much speculation (and of footage everyone knew existed because of Comic-Con but that was never released publicly), Marvel finally released a first trailer for next May’s Avengers: Infinity War.  Check it out.

The trailer hits all of the high notes, really: moments with the Vision, Spider-Man, Loki, a de-shielded Captain America, and (of course), Thanos.  The last shot was necessary to, with Thor meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy (with humor intact).  Obviously a big fight in Wakanda.  And there’s a lot, I imagine, that we aren’t privy to.  Everyone has a theory about what happens as the credits roll at the end of A:IW.  Word is that Avengers 4 will be the end of the era.  They’ve got a number of actors that have been around for a long while.  How they handle a transition away from there will be key.  If Marvel can do that well, it will have accomplished something cinematically great.

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1 Response to To Infinity, But Beyond?

  1. scrivener says:

    Yay Mantis is in there.

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