SHIELD: A Change in Time and Space

Turns out that the CW’s super-hero universe is winding down for the winter just as Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is warming up.  The show returned last night with the first two episodes of its new (and potentially final?) season.  One of the strengths the show has developed over time has been its ability to shift “genre.”  One minute its straight-up secret agent, the next it is supernatural, then it becomes a hi-tech simulation show.  Now, as the season starts, the agents find themselves in (not so deep) space and in the future.  And, it turns out, Daisy is somehow responsible for it all.

The premiere was full of sharp, funny moments with a few nice reveals.  It seems invested in the plotline, which still connects with at least two other plotlines from previous seasons.  Here’s the trailer for next Friday’s episode, which looks to move the story forward well, particularly in connection to Simmons’ side story.

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