Super-Hero Holidays

This week the folks at the CW brought their super-hero shows to their winter finales.  In a touch that is always appreciated, the three episodes that I watched had some nice Christmas flavor.

I’ve not followed Supergirl regularly this season.  It has me interested, though, because it’s finally playing up it’s Legion of Super-Heroes connection.  Pay attention to (about) the 10-second mark in this quick preview of the January return.

The winter finale of the Legends of Tomorrow was unexpectedly excellent . . . almost as good as last year’s “George Lucas” episode.  Reeling from the loss of Martin Stein, the team runs into an earlier version of Stein (from 1992) who has himself been thrown through time after finally getting the last of the year’s must-get toy, the Beebo doll.  Viking mayhem ensues (along with an unexpected goodbye from a series original).  The episode was packed (at the halfway mark, I assumed the episode was over).

But it was the winter finale of The Flash that brought  perfect mix of holiday hope and potential hopelessness.  In his ongoing battle with “The Thinker,” Barry experiences a kind of pyrrhic victory that ends in a misleading final holiday party (that mirrors one of my favorite comic series moments) and then take a completely different (and utterly unexpected) turn in the closing minute.  Sure: we’ve all been hoping for a CW-type Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Instead, for now, we look to be getting another classic: the Trial of the Flash.  Here’s the “return” trailer:

Which isn’t to say that the show was humorless.  But if the humor of the episode wasn’t enough, the powers-that-be put together this little “cut” scene focused on Ralph Dibney while Barry and Iris were honeymooning:

I’m still mostly enjoying the television-take on Dibney.  The actor plays the part well . . . perhaps a little too snarky, but maybe that will change if/when he meets Sue.

All things considered, this has been a great first half of the 2017-2018 television season.  I’m thankful for the break, but definitely looking forward to what January 2017 has in store.

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