The Ethics of Christmas

It’s the middle of December, which means my mind is slowly turning to January’s change in classroom curriculum, from an overview of Christian Thought to the question of ethics.  Which makes this week’s storyline in Frazz (by Jef Mallett) of some significance.  Turns out that Caulfield is rethinking the whole “naughty or nice” list that Santa keeps.

Christmas Ethics 1And while it looks questionable at first, like something Calvin would do as he prepared for the holiday, things aren’t quite the same with the literary elementary student.

Christmas Ethiscs 2You could, of course, argue that no one is “nice” on their own.  For sure, no one is nice all the time, consistently.  But Frazz has a kind of point.  And then:

Christmas Ethics 3Is it ethical egoism or not, is the question.  I hope I remember this strip exists in a few weeks when we talk normative ethics in the classroom.

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