A Typology of Christmas

There is a sense for many, I believe, that Christmas is a temporal type for the rest of the year, a finite kind of time that can be found elsewhere throughout the calendar even if not by name.  Shop, travel, eat, worry, relax, spin cycle, repeat.  Which makes this WuMo trip even more relevant to the moment.

WuMo Bad ManagementI suppose there are reasons beyond bad management, that there is something of benefit in the one-night deadline.  As this fall semester has come to an end, I cannot help but feel that almost every week is like the reindeer’s complaint (only without the actual complaint).  This was the semester where my plate was full and my cup ran over in multiple ways.  So as I deposited checks and turned in grades yesterday, it was with a great sense of relief wed with a real hope of really getting to step away for a week.

+ + + + + + +

I’m writing this in Terminal 3 at LAX.  I’ve been here all morning, mostly by choice.  I try not to tackle LAX without a longer layover time.  The place, at its worst, is a gauntlet.  So I’ve enjoyed a simple breakfast, caught up on some of my Scripture reading, had a good morning run on Plants vs Zombies 2, and stared aimlessly into space while enjoying a burger and shake from the Shake Shack.

I am looking forward to sleep a great deal.  The evenings of the last week or so have been packed (banquets, birthdays, work) and the mornings just as much (paperwork, breakfasts with friends).  So the possibility of some uninterrupted, long sleep sounds amazing.  Definitely a good opportunity to hibernate a bit.

(image from gocomics.com)

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