Calvin in Winter

Sunday I mentioned that both the classic Peanuts strip and the class Calvin and Hobbes strip were good pictures for the possibilities of the new year.  In Peanuts, Charlie Brown’s budding hopefulness is utterly dashed by Lucy’s exclamatory regret.  Calvin, on the other hand, does something totally Calvin.

Calvin's New YearIt’s always interesting to see what brings out the best (and more often the worst) in Calvin.  Here’s another recent strip that definitely reveals a kid both victorious and defeated by the winter season . . .

Calvin in WinterI suppose, in the end, it’s school that defeats him.  But I totally understand what makes for a good winter’s day for Calvin.  The strip is also a great example of Watterson’s ability to create mood in such a limited space (which also speaks to some of the beauty of the black-and-white strip).

(images from

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