Deepening the Comic Narrative

Last night I was able to catch up on this week’s return of the CW’s superhero shows.  I had missed Supergirl, but knew that I had to catch up as they finally decided to more fully play the Legion of Super-Heroes card.  Sure: it was mostly just three and not a Legion, but it’s a step in a direction.  Beyond that, the show made a nod to a pretty significant modern-era Legion story: the Legion of the Damned story that really energized the series for a number of years.  We got that in the mention of “the Blight,” which was also a visually stunning enemy that the team faced.  It will be interesting to see if the show brings in any other team members.

The other watch last night was “The Trial of the Flash.”  Heavy episode, really.  But not dark like most of last season.  I think it’s because Barry is being more and more like Barry.  Here’s the verdict scene from the end of the episode.

There were a number of great moments in the episode, including the “time stop” moment that worked wonderfully well (and, let’s face it, was a classic “Wally West moment,” but I digress).  It’s also a great set-up for moving Ralph Dibney’s character forward.  Here’s the trailer for next week’s new episode, “The Elongated Knight Rises.”

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