More Than Just Peanuts

This week had a handful of quality Peanuts comics strips.  They are definitely artifacts from a  different era, nestled in a place that childhood today probably skips . . . or trips . . . over.  Consider this classic from early in the week.

February Peanuts 1I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be much of a position to take today.  And yet something weirdly rings true about Sally’s apathy and conclusion.  And then there’s this from the middle of the week:

February Peanuts 2No apathy on Lucy’s part there.  And one can’t help but wonder what Linus was thinking (sincere? innocent?  subversive?).  Maybe there’s something to be said for acknowledging the way things are without vitriol (only to have vitriol thrown back on you)?

And then there’s what’s almost a kind of “planes, trains, and automobiles” moment with good ole Chuck.

February Peanuts 3Such a sad and sobering thing for some when your story just doesn’t quite fit the narrative.

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