Speeding Up, Slowing Down

Flash_v.2_91One of the more subtle yet significant issues of Mark Waid’s first run on The Flash back in the 90s was Flash #91 (cover pictured to the right).  It was near the end of artist Mike Wieringo’s run on the book.  Wally West had finally moved out of the shadow of Barry Allen and was well on his way to adding his own particular nooks to the Flash Museum.  In the issue titled “Out of Time,” Wally used the speed formula of Johnny Quick to go far beyond his normal speed: he went so fast that pretty much the entire world around him stopped.  And while he learned vital life lessons, the readers also entered a world where more and more was possible with what Waid had coined as “the Speed Force.”

I mention this because next week’s episode of The Flash on the CW looks to take the show in that direction with something it has called “Flashtime.”  The trailer below gives away some of the details of the episode (while leaving out at least two other significant ones).  And while it doesn’t involve Johnny Quick’s formula, it does look to push Barry Allen in a way that is probably necessary for his growth as a hero.  Here’s the “extended” promo for “Enter Flashtime,” which airs next week.

(image from dc.wikia.com)

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