Refreshing Justice

It’s not every day that you get to wake up, open Twitter, and find the news that two of your favorite artists are joining one of the industry’s top writers to reboot the Justice League.  But that happened this morning.  And it’s great.  The image on the left if the cover for for June’s Justice League #1 by Scott Snyder and Jimmy Cheung (he’s come a long way from his dabbling with The Flash decades ago and then Scion from CrossGen).  The image on the right is the cover to June’s Justice League #2 by Scott Snyder and Oscar Jimenez (who made Earth 2: Society and SuperSons look amazing).  They are joined by Alejandro Sanchez on colors.

JL CheungJL Jimenez

Comics are at an interesting place right now.  They are obviously the source material for some of the highest-grossing movies of the last decade.  At the same time, sales of (mostly) monthly “floppies” has plateaued with only big names like Batman or The Walking Dead drumming up consistently good numbers.  DC Comics has been trying a course correction for a couple of years now.  Their “Rebirth” initiative helped restore some much-needed context and texture to their line.  They’ve since dropped the “Rebirth” banner and are moving on to new iterations of their best series with new creators.  Getting Snyder, Jimenez, and Sanchez on the book is a no-brainer.  Getting Cheung on there?  quite the coup.  Next month DC’s Action Comics becomes the first American comic to hit the quadruple digits.  They’re commemorating it with bringing a new writer on board (which is big risk but one that could end up doing wonders for Superman sales-wise).

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The first day of spring break is coming to a close.  I’ve gotten to do some writing, some reading, and some walking.  Tonight I’m catching a screening of N. D. Wilson’s The Riot and the Dance.  I’m not one for nature documentaries, but I trust that Wilson’s direction will bring a wonderfully Christian approach to celebrating God’s good creation.

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