Marvel and the Mega-Narrative

Okay.  One more quick movie post before heading out to the rest of the work-and-play day.

Last week the folks at Marvel released a nice clip acting as a little “retrospective” on their 10 years of making movies.  It’s a nice featurette that marks quite the “cinematic accomplishment.”  Sure, it’s no Lord of the Rings, but it was never intended to be.  It really is the best aspects of the comic book world brought to the big screen.

I do think that even the weakest of their movies will ultimately age well, that they will have a certain nostalgic quality that will help us overlook some of the flimsier or more forgettable moments.  And, if nothing else, we have been taught the significance of waiting until the end . . . the very end . . . before leaving the theater, because a cool stinger covers a dozen main-feature foibles.

I can’t even imagine what the stingers will be like at the end of Infinity War.  Or how crushing it would be if there were none.

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