Memorial Day Deliberation

This Sunday’s Frazz by Jef Mallett has something to say for the celebration of the day.

For me it was a day for sleeping in, planning ahead, napping, and trying to get a handle on how to navigate the next month.  The majority of the school year’s work is over for me, so I can try and get back to a sense of flow that is a littler more like a stream than the more recent river.  Yesterday was the final student-centric event that I had some “temporary vocational stretch” responsibility for.  When it was done, as I swept up petals that had fallen from leis and put sound equipment back in its proper place, I had the sense of an ending.  But it wasn’t just the ending of the year, as that comes around each May.  This time it was the ending of something more, something that I hope to unpack over the next month.

Part of what I did this morning was to transcribe the reading addresses for the next two weeks of the Daily Office.  This week the New Testament reading is in 1 Timothy, which was one of the first books of the Bible I ever called a “favorite.”  Next week begins some time in the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes, which should also be fitting.

Beyond that, time was spent talking to my parents, scoping out some places to enjoy during the break, and reading more from O’Donavan, Palahniuk, and Lanier.  That and I indulged in the recent adaptation of Forester’s Howards End, which I hope to write about soon.

(image from

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