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“Distill, and Know That I am God”

Let’s start with this recent classic Calvin and Hobbes strip recently posted to I’m about to board a plane that will take me to a place I’ve never been that’s also a place where there’s a lot of nothing … Continue reading

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“It Seems I Never Stop Losing You”

Leave it to good-old radio to surprise me with a new song from Death Cab for Cutie.  The new album, Thank You for Today, drops mid-August.  As is often the case, the melancholy emotion gets held at bay with a … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Texas Toasted

A few days from now I’ll be trying not to get roasted in the Texas sun, which makes this week’s Sunday Frazz at least a little more pertinent.  It’s a creative strip, wonderfully paced and colored.  And it definitely fits … Continue reading

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Ah, Those Little Things (that give you away)

Perhaps the one song from U2’s Songs of Experience that has really stuck with me over the last few months has been one of the album’s slower songs, “The Little Things That Give You Away.”  A few weeks ago I … Continue reading

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Generational Encouragement of a Necessary Kind

I finally got around to watching Chris Pratt’s “Generation Award” acceptance speech at the recent MTV Video and TV Awards.  It’s one of those nice bits of pop culture that float to the top every now and then that can … Continue reading

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Crashing through the City of Mirrors

Long have I considered myself a zombie guy.  The sense of civilization lost, of a rag-tag group of survivors trying to make things right (or at least stop things from going so very, very wrong), the sobering irreversibility of so … Continue reading

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Second Thoughts on First Reformed?

Scratch the surface of the 96% Rotten Tomatoes approval rating for First Reformed and you’ll find frustration and discontent from those hoping for a more faith-filled movie about a small church pastor trying to make sense of the ever-bleaker world … Continue reading

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Beyond Working Lonely

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some thoughts on what set Parks and Recreation apart from the other comedies of its particular moment.  I stand by my assertion that of all the Thursday night shows on NBC from the … Continue reading

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Working Lonely

Last month I posted a couple of links to Comment Magazine (along with an extended quote from Henri Nouwen) on the topic of loneliness.  Comment’s most recent issue is about social isolation, and little by little they have released parts … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Ten Billion to One

A classic Sunday Calvin and Hobbes to celebrate the coming of summer.  Sometimes I wonder if every game played by these two is simply an extension of Calvinball. Either way, summertime is a good time to recharge the playful heart … Continue reading

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