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The Beauty of Summer Reading

The summer started strong for me reading-wise.  Things have kind of slowed down.  I’m halfway through a re-read of C. S. Lewis’s That Hideous Strength.  I’m almost done with the second book in O’Donovan’s Ethics as Theology series.  Both are, … Continue reading

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The music is wonderful.  The framing, though, of the porch and the house is oddly picturesque.  It’s a nice blend of things, particularly since it’s a great U2 song in general.

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Sunday’s Best: Fellowship of the Deleted Scenes

Anything that does a decent job playing off of The Lord of the Rings automatically gets moved to the head of the class.  Case in point: today’s WuMo by Wulff and Morgenthaler makes a nice joke on an iconic moment … Continue reading

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Everyday is Like Saturday

All good things, I suppose. (image from

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The Benefit of the Intensely Uncomfortable

I’ve been holding on to this recent Frazz Sunday strip for a while.  It brings a couple of nice threads together in a way that Jef Mallett does often and extremely well.  It also points to a deeper truth about … Continue reading

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Measuring the Fallout

It’s been a week of getting back to work, which has been good.  But it also marks that transition from summer to fall (even though summer isn’t over for a while yet).  That’s just how the calendars we live by … Continue reading

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Shipwreck Salvage Gone Wrong

I can’t help but think that the idea behind this recent WuMo strip is as true about lots of people more than it’s true about hipsters alone. There’s something attractive, of course, about taking something lost and making something good … Continue reading

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Crashing Again (or Staircase Serenade)

Maybe someone should start a blog recording every time someone records U2 performing “Every Breaking Wave.”  It’s a great song that captures something vital about the human experience that showcases the musical and vocal talents of the band well.  And … Continue reading

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The Dawning Age

The most pleasant surprise from the 2017-2018 batch of new shows was The Gifted on Fox.  It’s probably the most I’ve enjoyed a Fox show since Arrested Development, really.  The Gifted takes place in a world where the X-Men have … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: What Tigers Live For

Even now, decades later, you just don’t see panel usage like Bill Watterson on Calvin and Hobbes.  He does a great job of capturing both energy and a kind of joy . . . well, joy after panic. Plus you’ve … Continue reading

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