Speed Force in XS

It’s Comic-Con weekend, which means there’s a trailer for some new movie or returning television show every hour (it seems).  That’s particularly true since so many comic book properties have been coopted for other media.  DC Comics got a lot of airplay today with their trailers for Aquaman and Shazam.  They are both good, but neither exactly draw me in like some of the other DC movie trailers have.  But they also dropped a trailer for the fifth season of The Flash on the CW.  Check it out.

The trailer does two things well.  One: it picks up on the mysterious appearance of Barry and Iris’s grown daughter, Nora.  In an interesting twist, she has taken on the codename XS, which has roots in the 90s Legion of Super-Heroes and another character that is a descendant of Allen.  The trailer says just enough to keep you guessing about the twists in her story.  Two: it teases the season’s big bad in a way that doesn’t give too much away.  While there might be some tie to the Speed Force, you don’t get the since that the big bad is a speedster (which has been confirmed through interviews).  That was one of the nicer things about season four, how the Thinker wasn’t a speedster (which had become a tired trope rather quickly).

The Flash returns in early October, which still feels a long way away.

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