The Dawning Age

The most pleasant surprise from the 2017-2018 batch of new shows was The Gifted on Fox.  It’s probably the most I’ve enjoyed a Fox show since Arrested Development, really.  The Gifted takes place in a world where the X-Men have been missing for some time.  So on one level, it’s a totally new story.  On another, though, it is a continuation of a story many are familiar with.  Here’s the trailer for the upcoming season, which looks to move the story ahead in interesting and exciting ways.

While the Lorna/Polaris story is interesting, it really is the Strucker family that brings real movement and pathos to the story.  And it looks like they’ll be playing with Mr. Strucker’s “lost” mutant powers this season, which could make for an interesting twist, too.

And the best power on display in the trailer?  The fact that the show returns in September, weeks before the CW brings back most of its shows.

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