Sunday’s Best: All the Nothing You Want

Well, the hurricane weakened a great deal before it finally made it’s way north and west.  And so we haven’t had as much wind or rain as initially predicted (though it’s now a steady drizzle outside with the occasional burst of full rain.  Other parts of the state were hit much worse, particularly the Big Island, which ad most of the flooding.  It looks like things are mostly back to normal.  School will definitely be on tomorrow, which means I have an awful lot of grading to do.

+ + + + + + +

There were a number of good Sunday strips out today, but this classic Calvin and Hobbes takes the top.  It’s a wonderful picture of what Watterson had hoped to accomplish during the latter half of his run when it came to freedom of format.  And it’s a nice picture of some of the best of childhood for many.

Calvin Doing Nothing(image from

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