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Logic Says . . .

Tomorrow brings a wrap to the first quarter of the school year.  It also brings a wrap to reading the first half of Alan Jacobs’ How to Think with the juniors to a close.  After looking at tests, we’ll do … Continue reading

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Beyond the Babel Moment

Mumford & Sons “Babel” moment feels like a million years ago: that sweet spot when Sigh No More was comfortable ensconced in the collective conscience and Babel took things to some kind of next level, banjo and all.  Now, on … Continue reading

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Conversationally Speaking

Professor and author Alan Jacobs recently posted his thoughts on conversations.  On one level, that sounds kind of funny (as conversations are supposedly easy things to do).  And yet, as he points out in his criticism of the thoughts of … Continue reading

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The Reason is Friends

I’ve got a couple or three shows returning to the airwaves this week.  The Good Place is the one I’m looking forward to most.  The show takes turn after turn that makes things even more interesting even as the characters … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Knowing Jack

A fun FoxTrot to start the final week of the quarter.  Here’s hoping that everyone knows Jack. (image from

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Being Benedict or Daring Daniel?

It’s always good to hear that Rod Dreher’s “Benedict Option” still hangs in the religious consciousness, if only amongst those on Twitter or fortunate enough to the Dreher speak.  Leah Libresco has a great new book on the concept, giving … Continue reading

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Marvel in the 90s

Marvel Studios released the first trailer for the spring 2019 release of Captain Marvel.  And it’s quite the masterful trailer.  Check it out. You get just enough of a sense of who Carol Danvers is to be intrigued (particularly if … Continue reading

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