Marvel in the 90s

Marvel Studios released the first trailer for the spring 2019 release of Captain Marvel.  And it’s quite the masterful trailer.  Check it out.

You get just enough of a sense of who Carol Danvers is to be intrigued (particularly if the story they seem to be telling doesn’t quite jive with her decades-old comic origin).  The music matches the cuts perfectly.  The pan-down to the Blockbuster sign is classic (and chuckle-worthy for many of us).  And that last quick montage of “getting up”?  Pretty brilliant for such a quick piece of cinema.

Captain Marvel has a lot going for it, particularly since it’s the “missing piece” that supposedly leads us back to The Avengers post-Infinity War.  Much like Marvel’s Inhumans, though, Captain Marvel is a property that the company has been trying to “make work” for years.    (You might have missed Marvel and ABC’s attempt at an Inhumans series last year; most of us did.)  It will be interesting to see if the cinematic version pays off better than the monthly comic version.

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