Sunday’s Best: On the Ground, On the Floor

The leaves of autumn were present in many of today’s comic strips.  Sally’s “famous collection” of them, though, strikes me as the funniest.  You just never know how self-aware she is (or isn’t).

Sally's LeavesI liked her line about the leaves being “from many walks of life.”  That’s what you get when you collect from lawns and curbs, those places that surround day-to-day living.

+ + + + + + +

It’s turned a little cooler here in Honolulu.  Not by much, but by just enough that you can tell a difference in the mornings and evenings.  Fall break has come to an end, which means tomorrow morning I hit the ground running with classes and chapel.  I’m actually thinking about using my trip to Scotland as the lead-in to my chapel talk tomorrow.  We’ll see what this evening brings.

The last few days, post-trip days, have been okay.  My sleep patterns aren’t quite adjusted yet, but that will be a little better tomorrow since I’ll need to wake up early anyway.  I did get to eat at some favorite “break only” places downtown, which is always nice.  And hopefully I’m prepared enough for class this week that things shouldn’t be too stressful, at least on that end.

(image from

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