Speed in XS

The fifth season of The Flash has gotten underway.  And while it picks up immediately after the season four finale, I’m hopeful that that show can move forward with a solid cast and a storyline that transcends the weaknesses of the fourth season’s weaknesses (which really didn’t manifest until the last chunk of the season.

The show continues to be a kind of gloss on the 90s Flash comic (starring the original Wally West).  Now we’ve got Nora, the daughter of Barry and Iris, taking an extended visit in the present.  Her heroic name is XS, which is a 90s character from the Legion of Super-Heroes with ties to Bart Allen, another descendant of Barry.  She brought an interesting gift with her from the future: Barry’s costume ring, which was a nice touch.

Here’s the trailer for tonight’s episode, the second of the season.

Perhaps the nicest touch of the season premiere was the revisit of the season one “newspaper” reporting the disappearance of Allen.  Now we know that he’s been gone for over two decades.  It will be interesting to see how this series-long plot-thread moves forward.



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