Sunday’s Best: Forget It, Charlie Brown

There are a few things about today’s classic Peanuts strip by Charles Schulz that make it stand out on this fine November day.  First is the opening panel: an interesting “from the ground” shot that you don’t see that often in a Peanuts strip.  Usually, if it’s a sky scene, it’s Snoopy in his Sopwith Camel or Woodstock doing loops under his own misguided power.  Second is the next panel, with that nice bit of jet stream clipping the corner.

Forget It, Charlie BrownThen it’s all about the conversation between Chuck and Lucy.  How true is it?  How much does Lucy’s “once you have a patient hooked” matter if there’s a kernel of truth in the earlier parts of the conversation?  We would all like to think that we’re wrong.  And yet there probably is some truth about “taking yourself with you” even if there are other things beyond carriage.  Or we’d like to think that we’re the kind of people a sincere person like Charlie Brown could meet and find something different, something better.  That would be a good thing to aim for, I think.

(image from

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