Spring Break Incentive

We’re in the home stretch for spring break.  Last week was intense, with classes, a camp, and class service projects.  This week has been a little calmer, though things always seem to pile on as the end of a quarter nears.  I’m staying on-island this break.  I’ve already started putting things in place for using the time wisely.  Lots of cleaning and cleaning out to do.  I haven’t culled the book collection or consolidated DVDs in a while, so that’s high on the list.  I’m also trying to plan for some basic school’s-out routines, as I’m not one who handles large chunks of open schedule well.  I’ll probably fudge the line between vocation and vocation a little more than usual, as I have a lot of processing to do.  The hope is that my temporary vocational stretch will be coming to an end in a couple of months.  I need to use this time to do some rethinking.  Definitely in need of some good habits for the occasion, though.

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Mid-semester breaks are rarely good for movie-going.  That’s particularly true for the next couple of weeks.  At this point, the best I’ll be able to do at the theater is to catch another showing of Captain Marvel and a preview screening of the other Captain Marvel, now dubbed Shazam!

+ + + + + + +

One of the tricky parts of break for me involves staying connected with others.  Lots of people travel over break (myself included).  When you stick around, though, it can be easy to spend long stretches in a kind of radio silence.  I did a much better job planning for this aspect of break a few years ago.  This week has been a good week for community connection.  Celebrated a friend’s birthday and learned a new board game with friends Monday night.  Hopefully I can “take” some of that with me into the break.

+ + + + + + +

Break is a great incentive, of course.  Which is part of why this recent “classic” Peanuts strip is so funny to me.

Spring Incentive

I have a difficult time believing that Schroeder would actually make that promise.  I suppose he’s so sure of Lucy’s inability that he’s willing to take the risk.  Not having read this particular strip series before, I’m curious to see how long this plays out.  It should definitely be over before break begins.

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