Back to Lucy’s Incentive

Last week, and in acknowledgment of the many incentives for spring break, I posted the first of a series of classic Peanuts strips where Schroeder, ever stonewalling Lucy’s romantic advances, finally agrees to kiss her if she hits a homeroom.  He’s convinced that it will never happen.  Here’s how it all wrapped up:

Incentive 2

Incentive 3

Incentive 4Definitely an interesting and unexpected turn on Lucy’s part.  Makes you wonder how much more the two not-lovebirds interacted after this strip (at least in terms of the original chronology).

+ + + + + + +

Today is the first “official” weekday of spring break.  Saturday was a nice “decompression day” that started like a normal Saturday and ended in time spent with friends.  Yesterday was a normal Sunday that ended with the wedding of a former student.  It was a great ceremony and an even great reception.

I’m trying to put some “spring break” habits in place so that I don’t waste the next two weeks.  It’s already been productive: organizing the DVD collection, finishing up a couple of books that I started over the last couple of weeks, that kind of thing.  The trickiest thing for me will be to engage in some philosophical back-and-forth (primarily with myself, I fear).  There are some wrinkles that I’d like to iron out with things before school starts back in a couple of weeks, mostly to do with this particular moment in time.

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