Farther from Home than Before

Today the folks at Sony dropped the trailer for July’s Spider-Man: Far From Home movie.  The movie holds an interesting position, as it is the first “Marvel” movie post-Endgame.  And this trailer, much more than the previous trailer, gives away at least major spoiler from that movie.  So polite of Tom Holland to tell us this before the trailer runs:

The other big “reveal” has to do with the inter-dimensional nature of the movie’s other “super,” Mysterio.  As has already been said before: the character has always been deceptive, so it’s best not to take him at his word . . . even though Nick Fury has no problem doing so.  Should make for an interesting story.  (The short of the Tower Bridge under attack is amazing enough on its own, I think).

+ + + + + + +

I have to admit: my chapel talk today was Endgame-centric.  No spoilers, mind you.  It was more about the nature of the story and the public’s consumption of Marvel’s meta-narrative.  And that tied into a revisit of the “five act play” of the biblical story and some of Paul’s challenges for the church in Ephesus as they tried to live fittingly.  I no longer have any gauge for how chapel goes.  It was an interesting challenge to give myself, though.

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