Summertime Reruns

These have been good days in the “classic comics” department.  The last couple of weeks have seen the retelling of when Calvin accidentally wrecked the family car in Calvin and Hobbes.  Over in classic Peanuts, though, we’ve gotten a story that started with Lucy kicking Linus out of the house only to find things working against her doubly.

Rerun 1

Rerun 2The facial expressions, as always, are simple and wonderful.  But then comes the “naming” of the third Van Pelt child.

Rerun 3

Rerun 4Rerun was a great, well-formed character by the time of Schulz’s passing.  He kind of represented a particularly late-20th century cynicism.  And while I’ve read lots of Peanuts strips over my lifetime, I don’t remember much about how he matured as a character.

+ + + + + + +

Posting here has been sparse because the end of the semester has been crazy.  I hope to update more on that over the next week.  I’ve been blessed to have good reading, quality quiet times, and good times with neighbors to relax some.  I’m reading a collection of essays about Augustine that have been great for me, particularly as I reflect on the last year and prepare for what is next.

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