Sunday’s Best: How Does Your Garden Grow?

In this week’s all-new FoxTrot by Bill Amend, Jason Fox seems to be master of both the garden and the market.

Jason's GardenI imagine that most of us have something like that garden, something others ask us to steward that we would just as soon do away with or use as leverage.  Heh.

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The school year officially starts up for me this week.  My first official meeting for the year is Tuesday.  Thankfully, it’s a lunch meeting.  Then Wednesday is a full day with all kinds of moving pieces.  The goal is to do well through Friday evening, which ends with our freshman orientation.

This is also a big week of change.  My church’s new pastor flies in tomorrow with his family.  They’ll jump right in next Sunday.  It’s crazy to think back on the pastor search process.  I am modestly hopeful for the future.  And that modesty isn’t a bad thing; it’s a realization of what is possible while thinking well about what is needed.  Beyond that, our new high school Christian ministries coordinator starts.  Granted, it won’t look like a full hand-off for some time, but that’s okay.  Beyond that, my new title and responsibilities at work will start in earnest.  That’s on my mind a lot right now, too.

The summer hasn’t quite ended as I thought it would.  Things have been a little more irregular for me since returning from Tennessee.  The routine is slowly returning, though, which is good.  If you look over this site from the last few weeks, you know that I haven’t produced much by way of writing.  Which isn’t to imply that I have nothing to say.  Quite the contrary.  I’m just looking for the right words.

+ + + + + + +

San Diego Comic-Con was this weekend.  There were a few interesting announcements for me.  I’ll probably share out some trailers over the next few days for a couple of things (mostly TV shows).  The comics news was okay: nothing too collection-shattering.  The Marvel Studios announcement was interesting if not somewhat predictable.  Phase Four is very different from all things previous, both in content and in medium (Disney+ makes things interesting).  I think we’re looking at a couple of years of enjoyable, somewhat low-stakes fare.  Time for some world (re)building, which is good.  I imagine MCU movie fans will get to experience something that long-time comic readers have come to accept about how things move on from major events/epochs like the Infinity Saga.

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