Sunday’s Best: FoxTrot on Fire

While it’s unfortunate that we don’t get new FoxTrot strips throughout the week, I’m glad that we at least get something new from the mind and pen of Bill Amend on Sundays.  Here’s today’s FoxTrot strip from

FoxTrot MarshmallowsIt’s fun seeing Paige one-up her brothers.  Which also happened in a last-panel turn last Sunday.

FoxTrot WishesI always like season-inspired strips.  And Sunday strips help bring out the sense of the season at its best.

+ + + + + + +

We’re just over one week into the new school year (at least class-wise).  Things haven’t quite settled into a rhythm, but that will happen eventually.  It’s always interesting to see the personalities of each class, how the same course content (and even the same jokes) get a different response based on time of day and mix of students.  Not having the chapel piece has been nice for me, has opened up some mental space and kept Monday’s from being overly-packed.  We’re gearing up for our final England trip evening meeting, which is exciting.  I got more of the itinerary in from the tour company Friday, which was great.

+ + + + + + +

I’ve obviously been struggling with consistency with this site lately.  Blame it on the summer, I suppose.  I’ve also been spending good time with great friends, which is a more-than-decent trade-off.  My reading has also slowed down dramatically.  At this rate, I hope to finish Broken Homes by the end of the month.  I’ve got one essay left in Cavadini’s Augustine collection to annotate.  I just started reading a book that goes a good distance in repudiating some of Augustine’s weakest theological points.  Will be a good contrast for me, I think.

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