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Frazz, Caufield, and the Turning of the Year

We’re just over an hour away from ringing in the new year here in Tennessee (and I say “we” loosely, as I’ll probably be asleep before then.  This week’s four-color Frazz by Jef Mallett is the first of a few … Continue reading

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A Proper Regifting?

Here’s one more classic Calvin and Hobbes for the Christmas season. (image from

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Calvin’s Christmas Eve

Here’s this past Sunday’s classic Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson.  Thought it would be good to save for today. (image from

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Skywalker’s Rise

For the first time in a long time, I wasn’t able to make it opening night of a Star Wars movie.  But banquet is when banquet is, so Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker had to wait until early Friday … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Survey Says!

Today’s Frazz strip is well-drawn, wonderfully-colored, and witty, too.  It’s also a good reminder that things like holidays can be matters of perspective. (image from

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Reading in 2020

2019 was an interesting year in reading for me.  I continued to try and find points of connection between faith and learning.  I tried to revisit favorites like Lewis and Tolkien while also diving a little deeper with thinkers like … Continue reading

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Semester’s End

I’m writing this mid-afternoon on Wednesday.  The quarter and semester have officially come to an end.  I’ve got a couple of students with minor missing assignments to take care of; beyond that, the grades are good.  I’ve got the winter … Continue reading

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The Story of a Vocation

This weekend I spent some time in my classroom getting ready for the end of the semester.  When I do that kind of thing, I usually play sermons or lectures that I find on YouTube.  This time I listened to … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: The Rise of Gingerbread

It’s a big week for pop culture people, as the “final” installment of the Skywalker saga makes its way into cinemas.  I’ve probably been less invested in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker than I have the rest of the Star … Continue reading

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“A Truer, Better Anxiety”

Yesterday marked the beginning of the second week of Advent.  Different churches mark the weeks differently, some leaning into themes like hope and love but in different orders, others revisiting key moments in the biblical story.  I like the approach … Continue reading

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