Calvin’s Rainy Tuesday

I use classic Calvin and Hobbes strips on my opening slide for class each day.  Most of the strips are recycled from previous years.  For some reason, I was one strip short yesterday, so I had to see what I could find at  Here’s what I got:

Calvin's Rainy TuesdayThis strip takes two obvious risks: rainy weather and a lengthy monologue.  Those can be hard sales on any size strip, especially a two-panel daily.  But it still manages to get the spirit of the strip (and the frustrations of a rainy school day) across.

+ + + + + + +

I have a difficult time believing that this week is already half over.  The days have been packed with multiple meetings and classes.  Yesterday included some calls home to check in on things after the Nashville tornado.  It’s been a slow TV week (nothing new since Sunday’s season finale of Doctor Who).  I’ve gotten to spend some good time with my neighbors and have gotten to sleep relatively early.  But I’m also ready for spring break (which is still a week and a half away).  I’m trying to think through how best to spend my time on-island.  It’s something I do most every spring break (fall is a much better travel time, or at least it used to be).  At this rate, I’ve got an ever-growing stack of books to read.  Breaks definitely put my routine life to the test . . . perhaps you can have too much of a good thing?  Between now and then, though, I’ve got classes to teach, meetings and interviews to enjoy, and tests to give and grade.  But then, hopefully, rest.

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