Gifted or Paid For?

This recent classic Calvin and Hobbes is another example of how Bill Watterson got everything just right.  He did this often, of course, but it is especially nice to see it in a simple three-panel strip.

Gifted ChildThere’s also something very Charles Schulz-y about Calvin’s expression in the second panel, like Sally Brown when she realizes that she’s “been robbed of tricks and treats.”

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The days are just packed . . . until they’re over.  Classes and meetings and planning quarter-ending things and what to do in case things take a turn for the worse with Covid-19 (a bit of a broken record, I know).  It’s interesting to try and make sense of the current moment.  One minute you’re laughing at Saturday Night Live (a kind of humorous release valve) and the next you’re glued to Twitter to see what is being said and done and being said about what is being done (or undone).  My Wednesday afternoon coffee shop is quieter than usual.  That could be from the ebb-and-flow of university life, but it could also be from a deeper response to things.

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It is interesting to think through the current moment through the lens of Christian faith.  Questions of fearlessness and wisdom, prudence and pride, can probably be heard at every meeting where things like closures and cancellations come up.  And that’s just institutional things.  Questions of the interpersonal are also interesting to navigate.  It is good to pray about being faithful in the moment and remembering that the future is always something we hold loosely at best.

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