“Meet Me Halfway”

I had not planned on this site becoming any kind of “day in the life” journal for my spring break, but that’s kind of the rhythm that has set in over the last few days.  Before I get started, here’s a recent Frazz strip that I thought was a nice play on expectations:

Frazz HalfwayCaufield says things so well so often.  And Mrs. Olsen almost always calls him on it.

+ + + + + + +

Today was a nice, almost-normal day.  Yesterday was a bit gloomy, and we’re back to straddling chilly evenings and significantly warmer days.  Today we had a good but of sunshine between sunrise and sunset.

I started the day of with another walk of the neighborhood, this time going a little deeper than usual into the valley.  I’m always amazed at the neat little ways that houses and drainage systems have blended in/guided the way water flows.  It’s nice to see ducks flying and floating down the stream that goes down the valley.  From there, it was a trip to the grocery store with the landlady.  Still nary a roll of paper product nor particular canned goods.  It was my first time in that Safeway since they’d put in self-checkout, which was a nice way to get through quickly.

After dropping off groceries, I made my way by car to Kaimuki for some comics and to check on the shop owner.  Lots of shops on the mainland are facing difficult times because of quarantines, so they are improvising with mail-order and curbside pick-up.  Gecko’s isn’t quite there yet.  It was good to check in.  Then I followed my normal Wednesday routine to Manoa.  The area immediately around the university was super-quiet.  I got to the Coffee Bean only to find all of the tables, chairs, and couches pushed up against the walls: takeout only.  This, of course, flies in the face of a coffeeshop’s purpose, but I understand.  After Manoa, I dropped in on school one last time.  Check in on family and some friends.  Rummaged through my DVD collection to see if there was anything I should take home for viewing over the next few weeks.  Also collected a short stack of books and a couple of knick-knacks from the classroom (my TARDIS and a photo from a few years ago).  It had a slight Our Town feel to it, really.  I love my classroom, and I’ll be sad if I don’t get to be in it much over the next month(s).

The rest of the day has been a nice balance of catching up on TV and hanging with the neighbors.  I had missed this week’s episode of The Flash, so I was able to watch it.  Also got to goof around with the neighbors some before dinner.  After dinner and before Survivor, I drove a neighbor to pick up his car, which was in Manoa.

So spring break days have been packed, just in their own ways.  And the next few days could be interesting as things shut down more and more.  Sunday will be different: Zippy’s is only doing takeout and church will be online.  That’s really odd for a Sunday for me, but that’s okay.

(image from gocomics.com)

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