Figuring It Out

These last few days have been interesting in their normalcy for me.  Wednesday was the last day that I’ll get out to do more than go to the grocery store, I imagine.  I had a dermatology appointment: annual check-up (many spots frozen, nothing biopsied).   As soon as you got off the elevator to go into the lobby they met you with a thermometer.  After the visit I made my way to Manoa one last time to grab some groceries.  It was also the last new comic book day for at least five week (maybe more), which is a bummer but totally understandable.  So I checked in at Gecko’s and spoke to the owner for a few minutes before letting the next customer in.  And then it was home.  I go for multiple walks a day (which is tricky because the rain just sneaks up on you).  I check in on my neighbors.  I usually talk or text with someone off-island at least once a day, which has been great.  I spent yesterday away from work email, which was good for me.

Today I spent some time getting used to Google Meet, which we’ll be using once school starts back up (teachers on Monday, students on Wednesday).  It was fun catching up and seeing all that my friends at school had done to prepare for next week.  (I, on the other hand, spent a good chunk of Thursday cleaning up the area around my bookshelf, the space I will use for my video conferencing starting next week.)

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve kept my television/movie viewing at a normal pace, maybe a little less than usual since many shows have taken a quick hiatus to save up for later in the season.  I did finish up season one of Picard (well done, CBS).  I also started a slow re-watch of Sherlock.  What a well-done show!  I so easily remembered how it felt watching things the first time around.  I quite like this scene in particular:

I remember especially thinking that this guy acting so mysterious with Watson must have been Moriarty.  I was, of course, wrong.  But it was a good, suspenseful moment for me as a viewer.  It’s nice having a show to watch where you have to try and figure things out.

And so spring break is mostly over.  I’ll spend time over the next two days getting things ready for work and classes.  There will be lots of “figuring it out” there, too.

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