Race to the Stars

The bad news of the day (at least television-wise) is that the already-postponed next season of The Amazing Race has been postponed again.  Something about networks trying to make current content last a little bit longer because of Our Current Moment.  The good news is that we are one day closer to the debut of DC’s Stargirl, which debuts early next week.  The show has quite the pedigree.  First, it’s rooted deeply in the history of the DC Universe, going all the way back to the Golden Age and the Justice Society.  Second, it’s the brainchild of Geoff Johns, the force behind some of DC’s best (and most personal) comics over the last decade as well as some of the best of DC’s presence in theaters and on the CW.  Here’s the trailer for next week’s debut:

The show actually debuts unedited Monday with the DC Universe app and then appears in shortened-for-television form Tuesday night in the spot used by The Flash.  It’s got a couple of relatively big names, which can always be tricky for a newer property.  As the trailer showed, though, I hope it means will add some good humor into the mix.

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